Automated Systems For Food Processing and Packaging

Colborne Foodbotics starts with an installed base of equipment and machines that produce more than 90% of the pies in North America. Our latest machines produce the highest quality pies available, up to 1200 per minute, and the latest machines operate at up to 97% operating efficiency. Our integrated batter based cake/muffin systems offer the highest level of throughputs, flexibility and automation available. Our Ultracut ultrasonic cutting systems offer a wide range of designs proven at over 300 cuts per minute (single blade) or 1200 cpm (multi-blade). We design and manufacture robotic systems for many pick and pack/place applications such as depanning, line balancing, sandwich production, stack and wrap infeed, carton loading, etc. Our popular Robotic BBL Systems supported by Pattern Optimization Analysis and justification programs provide the baking industry with a huge opportunity to lower costs throughout the packaging and distribution system. These systems operate at 99.9%+ operating efficiency, reduce lost time accidents, and lower your carbon footprint with great return on investment. We hope you enjoy the Colborne Foodbotics website as we move into the second decade of the new Millennium. Our products and services will help make your company compete more effectively in this developing industry. ASI-logo