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Multi-Max Loading System

Colborne Foodbotics introduces its highly flexible Multi-Max Loading System that is designed to operate with a very wide range of containers such as corrugated cases, baskets, bins, trays, tubs, skids, etc.. These robotic systems are great for short run operations that require a variety of packages with minimal changeover and allowing many combinations of containers. The system starts with infeed conveyor(s) that move and position the containers for loading. Another set of product infeed conveyors accept and position the products being placed to securely pick and pack product securely into the container. The robot is equipped with custom tooling that is used to build a full layer pattern and place layer by layer as required. The full system is designed to maximize transfer efficiency and pack density. Each system is developed and customized based on specifications that are jointly prepared by the customer and Colborne Foodbotics’ engineers. There are many enhancements and options available to optimize and complete the full loading process. For example, if the process requires strengthening dividers between layers, the robot arm will have access to a supply of dividers and be equipped with the tooling to bend/break the board and insert it automatically while product for the next layer is coming into the loading zone. The Multi-Max Loading System is the ultimate in flexible loading systems. At IBIE 2013, Colborne Foodbotics will be demonstrating a common need for typical baked products being loaded into both trays or baskets and corrugated cases. We look forward to seeing you there and learning more about your specific packaging challenges!