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RiV Manufacturing Group announces acquisition of Yeaman Machine Technologies

Lake Forest, IL June 3, 2019 – RIV Manufacturing Group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Yeaman Machine Technologies, a leading innovator in the engineering and manufacturing of packaging systems.  Yeaman Machine Technologies provides automated cartoners, pre-made pouch machines, case packers and other custom packaging solutions.   “We are excited to begin a new journey with the Yeaman family and build on the company’s rich history in providing cartoning, case packing and pouch bag automation”, stated Rick Hoskins, President of RIV Manufacturing Group.  “The opportunity for our Colborne and Foodbotics brands to cross pollinate with the Yeaman product line is something our combined customer base will benefit from for years to come.  Our ability to now offer complete end of line solutions for a wide variety of products is an important factor in our customers’ ability to own the fastest, most flexible and efficient automation solutions.”   Bill Yeaman, the company’s founder will continue to manage the Yeaman product Engineering and Manufacturing processes.  Mr. Yeaman added, “The future of the Yeaman product line has never been brighter, we are excited to leverage the market presence, engineering and manufacturing know how of RIV Manufacturing Group, but also help its Foodbotics brand provide total packaging automation solutions to various target markets.”   About RIV Manufacturing Group   RIV Manufacturing Group owns Colborne Foodbotics, LLC and CF International, LLC.  These entities provide standard and custom Robotic automation solutions for the Food Industry in addition to process automation for the Specialty Baked Goods business.  The company engineers and manufacturers its products in Lake Forest, IL.


Lake Forest, Il., April 18, 2016 – Colborne Foodbotics, LLC, Lake Forest, IL announces Cal Neugent has joined Colborne Foodbotics as Vice President of Automation. “We are excited to have Cal join the Colborne Foodbotics automation team,” explains Rick Hoskins, CEO of Colborne Foodbotics. He adds, “His rich experience providing our customer base with Automation expertise gives us the opportunity to grow our already well established automation solutions in the Bakery and Snack market and beyond.”

Previously Mr. Neugent provided Global Consultant Services to the food service industries for 12 years at MCNA, LLC. Mr. Neugent has also served as President for Stewart Systems and Vice President of International Sales for AMF Bakery Systems. Mr. Neugent will be offering industrial food processing facilities with advanced robotic and automated solutions provided by Colborne Foodbotics, LLC.

About Colborne Foodbotics, LLC
An industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automation systems for the Baking and Food Related Industry focusing on the automation of Pie and Cake based products and providing Food Focused Robotic Automation Solutions.


Lake Forest, Ill., Dec 3, 2015 – RiV Manufacturing Group (RiV) and Colborne Foodbotics, LLC (CF) today announced that RiV Manufacturing Group has completed the acquisition of Colborne Foodbotics, LLC.  “Through our previous successes, we are well positioned to serve our brands with solutions and services that help our customers achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies,” explains Rick Hoskins, Chairman and CEO of RiV Manufacturing Group. He adds, “This acquisition allows us to build on over a century of design and manufacturing experience in the Baking and Food related Industries. As a market share leader in Pie and Cake Make Up Equipment combined with our expertise in the application of Food Focused Robotic Automation, we look at this acquisition as an opportunity to accelerate our vision for organic growth through new innovative designs, and also look for new partnerships and acquisitions that will allows us to double down on the added value we already provide to our customers.”

Rick Hoskins will serve as President and CEO of Colborne Foodbotics, LLC and the company will continue operations in Lake Forest, IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL.

About Colborne Foodbotics, LLC
An industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automation systems for the Baking and Food Related Industry focusing on the automation of Pie and Cake based products and providing Food Focused Robotic Automation Solutions.

Packaging flexability & Automation advances

Colborne Foodbotics was featured this summer in two articles in the August 2015 issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery!
In the “Packaging flexibility” article, Rick Hoskins, Colborne’s VP, discusses advances in our pick and place robotics, “The robot-driven end effectors feature precise, specified movement of each tool to reorient the product from pickup point to placement into the tray or container,” he says, “The system operates with smooth movements and can transfer high levels of product with low breakage.”
 In the “Automation advances” article, Rick says, “Robotic system sales have been rising steadily over the past few years, and new applications are being developed. To compete, most integrators are adding creative features that provide additional utility.” He notes that recent developments include features that minimize changeover, maximize product transfer efficiency, reduce manpower, and improve safety.
See the full articles on pages 42 and 46!

Pans and pan-handling

Colborne Foodbotics is featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine’s article “Processing Technology: Pans and pan-handling equipment.” Rick Hoskins shares, “One of our most recent developments is our Anti-Shingling Pan Handling System, which is unique to the industry because of its ability to handle stock, rolled-edge pans in an automation environment.” The full article is on page 56, but the link below should take you straight to it.

CF Invests in Machine Shop!

Colborne Foodbotics would like to share with everyone we have made significant investment in our machine shop. These new upgraded CNC machining centers improved our machining efficiency by more than 50%. Expect to see faster lead times and more cost effective spare parts.

Success at Annual BEMA Conference

Colborne Foodbotics attended BEMA’s annual meeting where the Baking Industry Forum heard from top bakers like Dave Hipenbecker (Kroger), Robert Benton (Flowers), Jeff Teasdale (Pepperidge Farm), Jack Lewis (Lewis), and Jeff Dearduff (Aryzta). They spoke about the need for better training as a tool to retain employees and improve operating performance.