Oliver_Colborne_01Colborne Foodbotics has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800’s. Oliver Colborne, the founder of Colborne Manufacturing first opened his company in 1879 in the thriving city of Chicago near the busy intersection of Division and La Salle Streets.  Oliver used his knowledge and expertise of machining to dedicate his new company to the design, production and installation of  custom bakery equipment, particularly for producing the American Pie.

The company grew slowly but steadily over the years and developed a strong competitive advantage in the manufacturing of systems to produce pies and cakes.  Oliver retired around 1920 and turned the reigns over to his grandson who ran the business for 40+ years and from the early 1960s through 1994 Colborne Manufacturing was managed by eight professional Presidents, none of whom owned equity in the company.  In 1971, the company was moved from downtown Chicago to a new facility in Glenview, IL and changed the company name to Colborne Corporation.

Rich Hoskins III was hired as President in 1994 and was granted the first rights of company ownership outside the Colborne family.  Rich Hoskins IV was hired as a summer college intern in 1995 and was hired full time in 1996 doing marketing and sales work as well as assisting with technical service duties as required.  By 1999, Rich III bought out the remaining shareholders of Colborne Corporation.  Shortly thereafter Lysa Hoskins, who had developed a strong Human Resources/Facilities Management base was recruited into the company and we relocated to the town of Lake Forest, IL.

Early in the new millennium, Colborne Corp. introduced the trademarked Foodbotics brand of robotic systems and Colborne Corp. quickly became a pioneer in automated Bakery Systems with both robotic and machine driven automation solutions.  We grew considerably and the company assets were sold to a privately owned firm who named the new company Colborne Foodbotics LLC.

Today, Colborne Foodbotics LLC machines continue to produce more than 90% of the pies consumed in North America.  Colborne Foodbotics LLC is the most experienced and broad based supplier of robotic systems serving the Baking Industry.  Our knowledge base is expanding every day as we take on new applications and build on our experience to create the most efficient automation systems available.  Our team of technical people is solid, and at the top of their class.

We look forward to serving our customers with the very best in service and the most efficient machines and robotic systems.