Our Products - Automatic Strip Depositor


Height: 83.5”
Length: 41
Width: 106

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
240V, 60 HZ, 3 phase, 10 Amp

Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 5 CFM

Shipping Weight
2,500 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

Automatic Strip Depositor
Model #:N/A

Deposit sauces and icing in precise amounts! Whether your application calls for a stand alone unit or a production station fully incorporated into your production line, Colborne Icing/Sauce Depositors deliver product in accurate volumes.


  • Provides complete border to border, corner to corner coverage in patterned or continuous strip depositing applications
  • Accurate application . . . advanced PLC controls easily and accurately regulate the amount of icing applied to product
  • Eliminates dripping ... air activated cut-off knife provides clean start and cut off at forward and back edges of product
  • Internal blade automatically cleans deposit nozzle after every cycle
  • Plain or combed finish capabilities come standard
  • Ideal for applying sauces, buttercream and fudge icings, and cream cheeses to product in or out of containers
  • Positive displacement pump with DC variable speed drive and dynamic braking
  • 20 gallon hopper
  • Time-delay, optical controls initiate icing of product
  • Proportionally adjusted, crank operated side guide
  • 8' x 24" wide belt conveyor on all stainless steel tubular frame with variable speed DC drive
  • Decreases labor
  • Increases output
  • Various nozzle sizes available


  • Portable pump package
  • Ashworth Cleartrak belt infeed and/or outfeed