Our Products - IQF Depositor


Height: 16”
Length: 1’4”
Width: 4'

Output / Cycles Per Minute
10-12 Two Crust Pies; 20-24 Shells

Electrical Requirements
60 Hz, 3 phase

Air Requirements
5 CFM @ 90 psi

Shipping Weight
800 – 2,000 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

IQF Depositor
Model #:N/A

Deposit fruits, nuts, streusel and dry ingredients in precise amounts! Whether your application calls for a stand alone unit or a production station fully incorporated into your production line, Colborne IQF/Particulate, Streusel and Pecan Depositors deliver product in accurate volumes and a wide range of configurations.


  • Place specific amounts of IQF fruits and other particulates into baking trays in a variety of cake based applications
  • Production flexibility…a variety of cavities match various deposit configurations
  • Reduced downtime…modular design allows for maintenance without shutting down entire line
  • Reliable operation…rugged, heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures years of dependable performance
  • Ensured freshness…4’x4’x3’ refrigerated storage system with insulated enclosure guarantees product stays fresh
  • Reduced labor…automates manual placement of product
  • Alternating breaker bars…break up blocks of frozen product to avoid clumping
  • Mechanical knock-out pistons…eliminate bridging in each deposit cavity
  • Custom designs…manufactured to your application specifications
  • Operates at speeds up to 33 strokes per minute per row (two rows available)
  • Accommodates pan widths up to 42”
  • Synchronization with feed conveyor and downstream operations
  • Removable top for loading and sanitation
  • Can easily be adapted to deposit chocolate chips, nuts and other particulates