Our Products - Multi-Piston Depositor


Height: 75.5"
Length: 8'
Width: 58”

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
120 voltage, 60 Hz, single phase, 15 Amp

Air Requirements
100 psi regulated to 60 psi @ 12 CFM

Shipping Weight
500-1,500 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

Multi-Piston Depositor
Model #:N/A

Deposit batters, and jellies in precise amounts! Whether your application calls for a stand alone unit or a production station fully incorporated into your production line, Colborne Multi-Piston Depositors deliver product in accurate volumes and a wide range of configurations.


  • Ideal for angel food, pound, carrot, fruit, sheet or round cakes, as well as muffins, brownies, and batters containing particulates such as nuts and fruit pieces
  • Simple operation…only one operator needed for stand alone models
  • Maximum flexibility…handles a wide range of batter types at a variety of deposit volumes
  • Mechanically adjustable deposit head…allows for effortless deposit height adjustments
  • Complete PLC controls…programmable memory for multiple pan shapes and configurations, data reporting and remote operation with I/O interface to other components in fully automated production lines
  • Single hand wheel…makes weight adjustments quick and easy
  • Fast, easy changeover…change parts for different pans and products take only minutes
  • Various configurations available to match any application
  • Solid state proximity switches…eliminate sequencing problems caused by pneumatic controls
  • Accurate, reliable performance…heavy duty, corrosion-resistant and stainless steel construction ensures years of dependable operation
  • Operates at rates up to 75 cycles per minute
  • Dedicated piston for each deposit cavity
  • Custom piston/pan engineering
  • Various piston diameters available, custom engineered to applications
  • Controls mounted above deposit area for higher reliability
  • Rotary activated using a bearing to reduce wear of core
  • Trade-in program to facilitate customer growth


  • Pistons and product cylinders available for most deposit volume requirements and maximum productivity
  • Models to accommodate pan widths of up to 40”
  • Stainless steel head and product cylinders for USDA and fruit applications
  • Custom designed conveyor systems available for integration into your production lines
  • Depositors can retrofit into existing production lines
  • Change parts for additional pan configurations
  • Automatic transfer pumps
  • Hopper level control
  • Available in table top version