Our Products - 11-Plate Rotary Pie System


Height: 6′
Length: 8′
Width: 8′

Output / Cycles Per Minute
Up to 15 Two Crust Pies per Minute

Electrical Requirements

Air Requirements

Shipping Weight
1500 lbs

Applications & Descriptions

11-Plate Rotary Pie System
Model #:

  • Corrosion Resistant Indexing table capable of producing up to 15 Two Crust Pies Per Minute. Indexing table with variable dwell time allowing adjustment for different stations. Approximately 84” in diameter. IP-67 Washdown Rated.
  • Semi-Automatic Two Pass Cross Sheeting System with easily adjustable oversized sheeting rollers which allow for gentle high quality sheeting of short dough. Belt driven infeed system carries manually placed dough blocks into first set of sheeting rollers. Operator then pushes partially sheeted dough 90 degrees into final sheeter. Operator then places dough onto pie foil located on the Rotary Indexing Table. Sheeting system can be mounted on Rotary Indexing Table or self-contained offline on Stainless Steel portable frame. IP-67 Washdown Rated.
  • Stationary Spray Wetting System for applying water to bottom crust for better seal of two crust pies. System is height adjustable to allow more precise application of different diameter pies.
  • Stationary Vertical Docking Station for precise and firm positioning of sheeted dough into bottom of pie tin. System is height adjustable for fine tuning of required firmness of docking process.
  • Stationary Vertical Trimming Station for even crimping, sealing and trimming of pie dough. Vertical motion replicates our in-line trimming process giving a more consistent seal and trim. Change parts available for different crimp patterns.
  • Automatic Discharge Mechanism for automatically removing pies from machine onto an optional or customer supplied take-away conveyor. A pneumatic sweep will push pies off of machine after they have been lifted by the indexing table lift mechanism.
  • Automatic vacuum foil dispenser will denest and place foils into rotary indexing table plateholders automatically.


  • Up to 15 Two Crust and 30 Single Crust Pies Per Minute! Documentation and Manuals with 3D images.
  • More readily available spare parts.
  • More sanitary design (BISSC Standards).
  • Indexing table allows for vertical Docking and Trimming for superior performance.
  • Stationary Spray Wetting for more precise application.
  • Capable of producing 12" Pies.
  • Fast, Tool Less Change Over of Sizes.
  • Exclusive Cross Sheeting Method ensures the highest quality sheeted pie product.
  • Crust Roller Upgrade to Timing Belt Pulley System, Reduced Maintenance.
  • Micro-PLC Controlled with Human Machine Interface.
  • Portable Crust Rollers Available for Doubling of Two Crust Pie Production Output.
  • Scrapless Press Module Available Automatic Discharge Optional.
  • Automatic Foil Dispensing Optional.
  • Various Filling Methods Available Including IQF Fruit Depositing.


  • Optional hopper controls
  • Special sizes available for customized requirements