Our Products - 9 Plate Rotary Cream Pie System


Height: 7’4″
Length: N/A
Width: 5’9″

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
NEMA 4 electrical enclosure 7kw

Air Requirements
80-100 PSI

Shipping Weight
1,700 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

9 Plate Rotary Cream Pie System
Model #:11-11

The 9 Plate Rotary Cream Pie System is designed for the production of Cream Pies or Cheescakes with graham crumb crusts. It includes the 9 Plate Graham Machine and two Colborne Piston Fillers, one to deposit the cream filling, the other to deposit the whipped cream topping.


  • Up to 15 two crust and 30 single crust pies per minute
  • Production rates up to 1,800 cream pies or cheesecakes per hour.
  • Precise weight control and weight adjustment.
  • Easy changeover for various patterns.
  • No pan/no fill production.
  • Rugged stainless steel construction.
  • Manual load & automatic unload.
  • Handles a wide range of products.
  • NEMA 4 electric enclosure.