Our Products - 9-Plate Rotary Pie System


Height: 7’4”
Length: 5’9”
Width: 5’9”

Output / Cycles Per Minute
10-12 Two Crust Pies; 20-24 Shells

Electrical Requirements
3 phase voltage, 60 Hz, 3 HP

Air Requirements
80 -100 psi @ 35 CFM

Shipping Weight
1,700 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

9-Plate Rotary Pie System
Model #:N/A

Take your pie production from manual to semi-automatic…keep your product tasting and looking just like handmade!


  • Colborne’s exclusive “cross-sheeting” technology…improves dough consistency and quality; produces more tender, flaky crust
  • Significant labor savings…only three operators are necessary for a complete production unit
  • Individually adjustable sheeting rollers…ensure exact crust thickness
  • Quick-change, heated trimming head…finish your pies in a variety of crimp styles
  • Fast, easy changeovers in minutes
  • Interchangeable parts for different sizes, shapes and configurations
  • Produces pies up to 10” in diameter
  • Production speeds up to 600 2-crust pies or 1,200 single crust pies per hour
  • Maximum flexibility (single and double crust pies; 3”-10” diameter; round, rectangle or oval)
  • USDA listed models available
  • Saves floor space
  • Less waste
  • Minimal operator training necessary
  • High speed, dual adjustable crust rollers
  • Multi-patterned trimming/crimping head
  • Timed water spray for improved dough seals
  • Discharge mechanism for easy removal of finished products.
  • Corrosion-resistant and stainless steel construction
  • Automatic controls for optional filler