Our Products - Moduline 45 Pie System


Height: Varies
Length: Varies
Width: Varies

Output / Cycles Per Minute
50-60 PPM

Electrical Requirements

Air Requirements

Shipping Weight

Applications & Descriptions

Moduline 45 Pie System
Model #:M45

The latest development in flexible pie make up equipment allows users to produce a wide variety of pie products with minimal capital cost for change parts and quick changeovers. Colborne's exclusive cross sheeting is enhanced with various design upgrades.


  • Throughput of 50-60 Pies Per Minute
  • Produces 3”-12” Pies
  • Short Lead Times
  • New Roller Technology for decreased dusting flour use
  • State-of-the-art, fully automated control system
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • More readily available spare parts.
  • Quieter operation, energy efficient.
  • Completely automated, from dough delivery through finished product.
  • Economical service contracts available.
  • Lower cost change parts for different sizes and shapes.


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