Our Products - Series 90/95 Pie System


Height: 5’8”
Length: 41’8”
Width: 6’6”

Output / Cycles Per Minute
100 – 320 p/min

Electrical Requirements
N / A

Air Requirements
N / A

Shipping Weight
N / A

Applications & Descriptions

Series 90/95 Pie System
Model #:N / A

The Series 90/95 Servo Pie Line is the latest revolution in high speed commercial production of Pies. The line completely automates the assembly of various types of pie type products from two crust fruit pies to pie shells to crumb based cream pies and cheesecakes. This line is capable of producing over 120 large pies per minute and 480 small pies per minute. The line can be configured for complete automation from automatic dough feeding to oven or freezer loading. This machine comes with a series of attachments that include dough dividing, dough sheeting, foil dispensing, various filling technologies and crimping/sealing and trim dough return.


  • Right-angle machine tool gear boxes
  • PLC solid state control panel
  • Improved lifter design
  • Electrically interlocked guards
  • Automatic pan dispenser
  • Sanitary design – all stainless steel or corrosion resistant materials
  • Variable frequency AC drive
  • Centralized (island) lubrication
  • Easy changeover
  • Large capacity flour hoppers
  • Handles a wide variety of products


  • Lattice topper
  • 2 or 4 head rimmer
  • Top spray wash with recovery unit
  • Streusel depositor
  • Track loading system (IQF)
  • Plateholder trucks