Our Products - Series 90/95 Pie System


Height: 5’8”
Length: 41’8”
Width: 6’6”

Output / Cycles Per Minute
100 – 320 p/min

Electrical Requirements
N / A

Air Requirements
N / A

Shipping Weight
N / A

Applications & Descriptions

Series 90/95 Pie System
Model #:N / A

The Series 90/95 is more versatile than ever before! Colborne’s Straight Line Pie System offers the pie maker a great deal of flexibility. In addition to creating two crust filled pies, the Series 90/95 can be used to make pie shells for pumpkin, custard or cream pies. These shells can be made using a traditional trimmer – or to create an appealing high rim deep dish pie, the shell rims can be crimped with an optional rimmer section.


  • Right-angle machine tool gear boxes
  • PLC solid state control panel
  • Improved lifter design
  • Electrically interlocked guards
  • Automatic pan dispenser
  • Sanitary design – all stainless steel or corrosion resistant materials
  • Variable frequency AC drive
  • Centralized (island) lubrication
  • Easy changeover
  • Large capacity flour hoppers
  • Handles a wide variety of products


  • Lattice topper
  • 2 or 4 head rimmer
  • Top spray wash with recovery unit
  • Streusel depositor
  • Track loading system (IQF)
  • Plateholder trucks