Our Products - Turnover Systems


Height: 6'2
Length: 17'
Width: 1'2 (2' at filler)

Output / Cycles Per Minute
150 (fruit) 100 (meat)

Electrical Requirements
3 phase volt, 60Hz, 2 HP

Air Requirements

Shipping Weight
1,500 lbs. + filler

Applications & Descriptions

Turnover Systems
Model #:T-28000/T-28000 VSR

The most versatile, cost-effective machine available! Produce up to 9,000* turnovers per hour with only one operator. No other single machine offers the list of features and benefits of the Colborne T-28000.


  • Maximum production flexibility... ideal for snack pies, meat pies and ethnic specialties
  • Reduces labor costs...only one operator with minimal ttraining is needed
  • Fully automated design...handles entire job from dough sheeting to filling and crimping to removal of finished product
  • Variable speed...allows you to set throughput speed to maintain production requirements
  • Multiple sheeting rollers...gentle dough reduction for highest quality, tender, flaky dough
  • Quick-change trimmer dies...fast, easy changeovers for different size/shape product in minutes
  • Quick, easy adjustments...vary dough thickness, filling weights, pie sizes with simple adjustments
  • Adjustable rotating trimmer die...for varying product widths
  • Over 60 standard die sizes and shapes
  • Custom-designed dies available
  • Improves profitability
  • Crimp/Trim/Seal in one operation
  • USDA models available
  • VSR (Variable Speed Rollers) models available for developed dough products
  • Multiple fillers