Our Products - BBL-Series


Height: 6'1"
Length: 4'8"
Width: 8"

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
110 VAC, 5 amp

Air Requirements
90 psi

Shipping Weight
1,120 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

Model #:N/A

Colborne’s field-proven robotic technology provides flexible automation solutions to meet the changing needs of bakery production. The BBL-202 Basket Loading System is designed for automatically loading wrapped product (loaves of bread, buns and rolls) into standard bakery route baskets or trays. The flexibility of this system is geared toward meeting the ever-changing demands of the consumer marketplace and reducing direct labor costs of bakery production processes. Installed base exceeds 99% efficiency at speeds over 100 per minute.


  • Proven factory-ready production equipment technology
  • Adjustable end-effector
  • High-speed robotic manipulator
  • Software controlled robotics
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Low-maintenance, reliable operation, interfaces with other bakery equipment
  • Flexibility, quick changeover, unlimited product and pattern configurations
  • Up to 130 products per minute, reduced direct labor costs
  • Easy setup – designed to be used by bakery production operators
  • Vision Inspection Systems Optional


  • NEMA 4 electrical package
  • Additional tooling sets for other cup sizes
  • Extended magazine capacity
  • Clear anodizing on all aluminum parts
  • Quick adjust leveling feet
  • Special conveyor height as high as 60”