Our Products - Muffin Transfer System


Height: 9"
Length: 5"
Width: 12"

Output / Cycles Per Minute
26 Pans Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
Customer Specified

Air Requirements
Application Specific

Shipping Weight
Application Specific

Applications & Descriptions

Muffin Transfer System
Model #:N/A

Colborne's servo controlled depanning system utilizes high grade servo motors to depan up to 4 pans of muffins at a time and reconfigure for bulk or clam shell packaging. System operates up to 26 Pans Per Minute. The system is now offered as a Robotic Design.


  • Needle or Vacuum End Effectors
  • Mulitple Change Parts for Different Sizes and Packaging Configurations
  • Up to 26 Pans Per Minute
  • Automatic Pan Handling
  • Tray Denesting or Box Forming Available
  • Washdown Rated


  • Vision System
  • Collation Systems
  • Lane Diversion