Our Products - Transpositing System


Height: Custom
Length: Custom
Width: Custom

Output / Cycles Per Minute
Up to 25 retractions per minute.

Electrical Requirements
Customer Specified

Air Requirements
Customer Specified

Shipping Weight
Application Specific

Applications & Descriptions

Transpositing System
Model #:N/A

Colborne's automation solutions include a line of transpositing equipment which is ideal for products that are not easily handled with end effectors. It is also the ideal solution when trying to justify tray loading applications. These custom solutions use vision inspection and a variety of conveyor designs to automate various tasks. Typical applications include tray loading, product panning, and wrapper loading.


  • Servo Controlled or Pneumatic Conveyor Retraction
  • Adjustable stroke retraction for multiple packaging applications
  • Combined with tray or pan handling conveyors
  • Various belt surfaces used to handle different products
  • Integrated vision inspection and rejection


  • Vision System
  • Collation Systems
  • Lane Diversion