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Height: Custom
Length: Custom
Width: Custom

Output / Cycles Per Minute
Up to 120 Picks Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
Customer Specified

Air Requirements
Application Specified

Shipping Weight
Application Specific

Applications & Descriptions

Vision Guided Robotics
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Our latest development from Colborne’s Flexible Automation Division delivers a highly efficient and flexible automation solution for the high-speed packaging and/or assembly of unpackaged or packaged food products. Colborne’s VGR Series Packaging Systems are capable of picking and placing up to 600 pieces per minute per cell. The VGR Series utilizes the latest in side mount Scara Robotics that offer competitive speeds to traditional high speed pick and place robots, but offer more versatility in payload and reach. These robots combined with the pre-integrated vision system give you flawless communication between the vision system and robotics. The VGR’s unique side mount characteristics of these robots create a system with extremely high efficiencies within a small footprint without sacrificing speeds. By side mounting the robots from above the product area, the robots work faster with less stress, and can pick from a wider area on the product conveyor to give you an efficient pick and place work envelope that traditional SCARA robotics cannot offer. Whether it is wrapper loading, product stacking, tray loading or any other pick and place requirement this solution is the most cost effective and efficient system on the market.


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  • Colborne will integrate upstream and downstream equipment to fit your needs.