Our Products - UltraCut 5000


Height: 83.5”
Length: 41
Width: 106

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
240V, 60 HZ, 3 phase, 10 Amp

Air Requirements
90 PSI @ 5 CFM

Shipping Weight
2,500 lbs.

Applications & Descriptions

UltraCut 5000
Model #:

The UltraCut Series 5000 is a semi-automatic system that cuts rectangular products up to 28" wide. It consists two stations, each with x, y, z axis motion. The UltraCut 5000 is available as a stand alone or an inline system.


  • Consistency...straight, clean, accurate cuts
  • Speed...higher production rates, no bottlenecks
  • Low maintenance...blades have a long service life and remain clean
  • Clean operation...titanium's inert properties eliminate possibility of product contamination
  • Reliability...minimal sanitation and maintenance for minimal downtime
  • Savings...equipment costs a fraction of other systems currently on the market
  • Minimal scrap and waste


  • Multiple head, continuous motion
  • Cutting special shapes
  • Random location of product
  • Turnkey design and construction
  • Full wash down - USDA
  • CE Certification