Our Products - Transfer Dealer Conveyor


Height: 44.5" +/-2"
Length: 122"
Width: 18.5"
8" wide belt

Output / Cycles Per Minute

Electrical Requirements
1/4 HP 3 phase totally enclosed variable speed output; allows transverse belt speeds of 6.0-48 fpm

Air Requirements
8 SCFM at 60PSI at maximum 48" stroke (3/8" NPT quick disconnect entrance fitting supplied)

Shipping Weight

Applications & Descriptions

Transfer Dealer Conveyor
Model #:

Ideal for a wide variety of applications, including turnover pies, small fruit pies, pecan pies and tarts. This conveyor is designed to automatically index and transfer product from single and multiple production lines to the automatic bands of ovens, freezers or fryers. Optical sensors direct the conveyor to retract once product arrives at the desired juncture, neatly dealing food items onto the belt of the adjoining machinery.


Constructed of stainless steel to meet USDA standards. Up to 20 cycles per minute.


For use with T-28000 Turnover System or Multilane Turnover System.